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Visutech Design Limited is run by me, Anthony Otyehel, and for over four years I have provided design services to small, medium and large organisations both in the UK and abroad. A seasoned graphic designer I have worked in Graphic Design since 1986 from traditional poster-writing, repro photography, silk screen and litho printing, manual paste-up and layout to DTP (desk top publishing), high-end retouching, illustration, multimedia presentations, video production and web design and coding.

I have developed close working relationships with my clients over many years, even though I work with many of them remotely, and they have constantly returned to me for their print, web or presentation design requirements.

I have focussed my business on three key areas: Web, Print and Multimedia design.

This has allowed me to offer targetted design services or integrated services from one off leaflets to integrated campaigns utilising emailers, websites and printed material. Find out more detailed information on the services I can offer in print, on the web or in multimedia.


My focus now is in helping small, medium and large businesses as well as charitable organisations present themselves better to their customers and clients through professional print design and by producing professionally deaigned and accessible websites that help them get noticed as well as appearing higher up in search engine rankings.

I also consult and provide web design (visual and coding) services to companies and agencies remotely which has proved successful and enable them to react to changes in their workload with someone they can trust.

I have spread my business opporations into Europe, especially Hungary where, working with my partner company AGO Design, I hope to help transform deisgn in Hungary - especially on the web and in print - where it is lacking.

Previous experience

Before the dawn of personal computing I was working as a paste-up artist, poster writer, repro photographer as well as helping with litho and silk screen printing at William Morrisons Supermarkets printing department. As technology advance I wanted to become more involved in design and became a computer aided designer operating both CAD and CAM for Duff Signs, digitising and cutting lettering and logos using an early Apple II workstation.

Both these jobs, in my home town of Bradford, established the basic philosophies of typography, layout and the respect for white space within me and still remain with me today.

  • Notting Hill Housing Trust charity brochure and housing leaflet.
  • Futuro leaflets for Artaban.
  • Yacht brochure and UNESCO brochure for Artaban.
  • Accountancy Additions website, Michael Page international website and Michael Page emailer.
  • michael Page brand video.

After diversifying and gaining a BSc 2:1 (Hons) degree in Industrial Product Design at Coventry University, and not being able to find a job in a saturated marketplace, I returned to graphics as a high end digital retoucher working on Silicon Graphics computers for McKenzie Clarke in London.

Afterwards I became the sole graphic designer for the Notting Hill Housing Trust producing all their corporate literature, charity and promotional literature.

As the market for good designers and artworkers picked up, I left to become a freelance designer and artworker, which I did for many years in London with clients such as Realtime Studios, Ernst & Young, Michael Page, M&C Saatchi to name but a few.

A year away in Hungary saw me working as a senior designer with Artaban (design) Kft, a graphic design studio in Budapest, working on a variety of jobs including leading supermarket brochures, promotional print work and websites.

On my return I was offered a fulltime position at Michael Page as a senior graphic designer working on their web design projects and predominantly the second generation Michael Page International website and the Accountancy Additions website. The MIchael Page website won awards such as best recruitment consultancy website by CIMA and Best Recruitment website by PQ magazine. After the launch, my time was mainly spent with maintaining the website and then creating multimedia presentations and corporate videos.

After some years working at Michael Page I decided to go alone and started Visutech Design Limited which has enjoyed a close working relationship with Michael Page as well as new clients.

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Developing a front-end for a website, or a component and need help with the visual design, layout, HTML, CSS or some jQuery implementation? With over 10 years of experience in web design, coding HTML and CSS as well as implementing accessibility feature and cross browser support, you will be in safe hands.

Recent contracted projects have included HTML5/CSS3/jQuery, mobile and responsive web design and build. Fully booked until April 2015.

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Creating stable HTML emails that work across multiple email clients can be a bit of a dark art. With over 5 years of producing HTML emailers, you can be sure that I have plenty of experience making sure that what you want them to see is what they get.

Whether you need a full visual design, just coding, delivery or all three - simply get in touch for a competitive quote.

GAWDS (Guild of Accessible Websites)

Since 2006 I have committed myself to creating standards compliant websites with XHTML and CSS to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 1.0 Priority2, Level AA compliance. I am a member of GAWDS (Guild of Accessible Web Designers) which has helped me greatly in understanding how I can improve the accessibility of websites I have built for my clients.

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