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Try before you buy.I have spent many years working producing products and delivering services to clients directly, but there have also been times when I have been called upon to support businesses when they have either a lack of a skill set, resources or to cover when someone has fallen il.

Most of the time this kind of work would fall to a freelancer, but as the freelance market has boomed, the quality of freelancers has become diluted and the costs have also increased.

Many clients felt there was a risk in taking on freelance staff at cost, when they couldn't be sure if they would either fit, or deliver.

A few of the clients I have helped in this way have been:

  • The Black Store
  • Satlogics
  • Michael Page International
  • Page Personnel

They all had a variety of needs which I was happy to be able to respond to positively and much of the work was done remotely via the internet.

Screenshots of homepage before and after css and html work.For example, the Black Store had purchased an online eShop for their products, but the built-in control over the visual layout and design was very limited. So I was called in to look at what could be acheived within the framework of the system and provide code snippets and imagery so that they could improve the look and feel of the website. Visit the website to see the result.

Statlogics on the other hand contacted me hurriedly to help them out of a complicated CSS styling issue they had with some web components they had deployed. This involved wery intensive work at break-kneck speed over a weekend to try and meet a deadline for the beginning of the following week.

Screenshots of system before and after css work.

Working with their development team I was able to provide them with a set of stylesheets that would meet the client expectations and work across the major browser they had specified.

Michael Page international have been a long standing client and I have worked with them for over 20 years. During that time I have more than proved my capabilities and have been a well respected member of the Marketing Department team.

Selection of Michael Page minisites.A few years ago I was called in to convert some old minisite code to comply with WCAG 1.0 Priority 2, Level AA whilst integrating the code into their Marketing Management System (MMS). As they had a shortage of skills, I was called on repeatedly to create newer minisites and in the process train the other web developers in the team. You can see examples of these in the web gallery.

Michael Page work abroad website.More recently I have been involved in the development of the 'Work Abroad' website, creating the XHTML and CSS that would work alongside javascript code and Flash animations that made up the website.

The website has an underlying flash animation of the world with HTML pop up windows on separate layers. All these technologies had to integrate and work together to create the layered effect that can be seen on the website.

Page Personnel website.Page Personnel the sister company of Michael Page International came into being in late 2006 and I was commisioned to create the design the layout and the basic XHTML and CSS that the website would be built on.

Because Page Personnel is a global business it meant that I had to liaise with senior directors and managers from different countries on the design before it could get approved. The project was running alongside another, which meant that resources were scarce and once again I was called on to fill the gap. Some elements have changed slightly, but essentially you can see the main components by visiting the present website.

Try before you buy.

So as you can see there is quiet often a need to fill a gap, add expertise and skills or just a different perspective to projects.

So if you don't want to take a risk with your next freelancer, are struggling to meet a deadline or just need a different perspective on a design or build, simply contact me to discuss your needs and I can arrange a 'try before you buy' period, where you can test-drive my skills.

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Developing a front-end for a website, or a component and need help with the visual design, layout, HTML, CSS or some jQuery implementation? With over 10 years of experience in web design, coding HTML and CSS as well as implementing accessibility feature and cross browser support, you will be in safe hands.

Recent contracted projects have included HTML5/CSS3/jQuery, mobile and responsive web design and build. Fully booked until April 2015.

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