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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - three of the main social media platforms that businesses are using today to communicate with the wider world.

There are many opinions as to whether these methods of communication add value or returns, so you need to look at the scale of your business, clientelle and ability to embrace social media as an extra marketing platform.

But social media is not only a platform for marketing, it is a relationship platform - enabling your business to open a channel of dialogue - where you can demonstrate expertise through answering questions from followers, or contributing to current discussions and trends in your field of business.

Online Advent Calendar Facebook Page.Facebook

'Profiles' are for people and 'Pages' are for business. This is the current principle behind using Facebook for your business. It allows you to create a page about a product or service that your business provides, that can encourage visitors to 'Like' your page - this in turn is posted to the wall of all the visitors friends, promoting your Facebook page even further.

This of course is all dependant upon how the page is worded, whether you have anything on offer and if the content is relevant to the person viewing the page.

Though I do not offer advice of Facebook strategy, I am able to provide the necessary imagery and code for landing pages to help encourage visitors to follow you or some other call to action.

Darren Dutson Bromley home page.Darren Dutson Bromley Twitter page in a new window.Twitter

One way of being able to introduce fresh content to your websites is through the use of Twitter, by integrating your twitter feed into you website, encouraging visitors to follow your tweets and creating a branded twitter page and icon.

I can integrate a branded and customised twitter feed into your website rather than using the basic twitter feed tool. This way you will get your own feed that is in keeping with the style of your website.

I can also provide you with a customised twitter background for your twitter page, featuring your logo, text and contact details.

But please bear in mind that twitter can change the way they allow you to integrate feeds and apply branding to twitter pages - which will be out of my control - but all efforts are made to keep these up-to-date.


echelon Consultacy LinkedIn buttonLinked in IS the business social network, and this is where your business SHOULD be. There are fewer opportunties to market using LinkedIn - for the moment - but I am able to help by providing coding and imagery where needed to integrate on your website.

echelon Sustain sSlideshare pop-up window.Slideshare - share your expertise and knowledge

More recently I have been involved in helping companies demonstrate and share their knowledge through presentations that they already have - which they share with the world on 'Slideshare'. This is turn can provide links back to their website, offering even more increased exposure.

Do you have presentations lying around that are informative and exemplify your expertise? Then why not leverage the use of them by uploading them to Slideshare and offering them up on your website.

A good example of this can be seen on the website.

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